• Our Driving Lesson Prices

    How many lessons would you like to book?

    These prices are for your local fully qualified Shah Driving School driving instructor

    Pick the lesson option that suits you best, and book your fist lesson now. Remember – the more lessons you buy, the more you save

    Lesson prices may vary after your initial booking.

    Automatic Transmission
    • Single Lesson

      Meet With your driving instructor and let us assess your driving from the start go. We can tell you how many hours you’ll need to get up to test standard.

      2 Hour
    • Intensive Driving Course

      One Week Driving Course . Save money on a one course Monday to Friday, 4 hour Driving per day

      20 hour
    • Intensive Driving Course

      One Week Course, Start Monday to Friday and get 6 Hour Driving Lessons Everyday,  Drive for 5 Day

      30 hour
    • Urgent Practical Test

      We Find Urgent Date for you, Send us your Detail we get you the early date

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